Why Can’t I Just Take a Pill?

It’s important to remember that there is no “magic pill” that will cure ADD/ADHD or even depression/anxiety. A pill might relieve symptoms for a time, but once medication stops, those symptoms come back. Also, most people don’t experience lasting improvements, if they see any at all. And taking medication is NOT risk free. ADHD medications for example, are class II narcotics.

Just because they advertise them for children, doesn’t mean they are not harmful. Serious side effects associated with ADHD medication have resulted in all ADHD medications carrying a Black Box Warning from the FDA-the most serious warning label available. Because each person responds differently and unpredictably to medication, its use should be used as a last resort and then closely monitored by a physician.

Why doesn’t my doctor know about Neurotherapy?

In the world of healthcare, it is obvious that we must manage our own care. It is up to each of us to research and find our own answers even if we are seeing a doctor. Not all doctors read all research. In fact, many times the only new information medical doctors get is what comes with a drug rep at their door.

Many allopathic or traditional western, medical doctors are not taught about neurotherapy or even alternative techniques like homeopathic or naturopathic medicine in school. Some doctors will actually tell their clients, “There’s no real science behind neurotherapy.” In fact, there is over 30 years of scientific research behind everything we do. At BrainAdvantage we are committed to your health and wellbeing.