Improve Your Vision

Vision is the body’s navigational system and in general, accounts for approximately 90% of the information we take in every day. By exercising your eyes, you optimize your visual attention, directly affecting your ability to perform in school, on the job and on the playing field. Whether you’re keeping your eye on the ball in sports, judging distance while driving, or tracking a line of print while reading or computing, the ability of your eyes to aim, track, focus, and work together as a team, is the key to your success.

  • Reduce visual fatigue from reading, sewing and other close work
  • Alleviate many complaints associated with computer vision syndrome
  • Improve performance in your favorite sport
  • Improve the visual skills required for optimal performance in the classroom, on the job and on the playing field
  • Improve your visual performance naturally

What is the difference between vision and eyesight?
“Eyesight” is the physical process of focusing light within our eyes, whereas “vision” involves our ability to understand and respond to what is seen. Eyesight is limited to the ability to see, generally tested at a distance of 20 feet. Vision, however, is a dynamic process that involves the combined skills of aiming, tracking, focusing and teaming, along with a host of other mental, emotional and neurological processes.

For example, paying attention in the classroom and hitting the tennis ball on the “sweet spot” are all functions of efficient vision. Excellent eyesight alone will not allow you to efficiently perform at these levels.

Why is vision deterioration such an epidemic in the world today?
Your eyes were designed to function at all distances, utilizing your highly evolved three-dimensional vision. However, today’s culture demands that we spend a large part of our day indoors, under artificial light, reading and working at a computer for hours on end. This visually confining environment causes the eyes’ physical structure to adjust, compensating for these unnatural visual demands.

Why should I exercise my eyes?
Vision exercises are physical therapy for the eyes and brain. Since the eyes are the body’s navigational system, exercising them can improve a person’s performance on all levels.

Will BrainAdvantage Vision Training improve my ability to pay attention?
If your limited attention span is due to an inability of the eyes to maintain steady aiming and focusing, then BrainAdvantage Vision Training can help.

What is the connection between vision and learning?
Vision is the primary way we pay attention, read and learn. When a child is experiencing difficulty learning, vision is the first place to look. Unfortunately, most people equate vision with eyesight and most learning-related vision problems have very little to do with eyesight. According to a study by Syracuse University, “the problem is not with their eyesight, but with the way their brains process visual information.”

It’s not difficult to see how these apply to learning situations, and how, if they are weak or missing, they would hinder learning. If you or your child is suffering from one of more weak cognitive skill, learning will be difficult or near impossible.

Can vision training help children struggling in school?
Yes. According to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, children needlessly struggle for years in schools across the country because they have undetected, learning-related vision problems.
Children are often labeled as having a reading or learning problem when their academic difficulties actually stem from correctable vision problems. By doing daily vision exercises, children can often improve the visual skills required for optimal classroom performance.

What is your experience working with professional athletes?
The results are often dramatic. Athletes notice significant performance improvements within a short period of time. Exercising your eyes to improve your athletic ability is no different than improving the function of your heart by doing cardiovascular exercises. If you do it, you’ll usually see results.

Can BrainAdvantage Vision Training help athletes improve their game?
Yes. Recently, BrainAdvantage Vision Training was shown to improve little league batting performance by 90%, dive performance by competition springboard divers, football players, golfers, tennis players and more. BrainAdvantage Vision training has become very popular among professional and Olympic athletes. In sports, keeping your eye on the ball can make the difference between a good game and a great one. The BrainAdvantage Vision Training System can help you fine-tune your visual skills, maximizing your potential on the golf course, tennis court, or baseball field.

Will BrainAdvantage Vision Training improve my ability to pay attention?
If your limited attention span is due to an inability of the eyes to maintain steady aiming and focusing, then BrainAdvantage Vision Training can help.