Improve Your Athletic Performance 

Anyone who has played a sport knows that competition can create an intense emotional response and in many ways this is expected by Athletic Performance . However, to consistently play at the top of our game, we must first be able to manage that emotional surge and control it instead of letting it control us.

To the athlete, Peak Performance is focusing the mind and body on specific tasks-the best performance possible. And at the same time overcoming any mental obstacles or competition pressures that keep him or her from reaching their potential.

Competition can be stressful; however stress from everyday life can also affect our game. Work, finances, or family matters can take a toll on us making it much more difficult to relax and focus during competition. Even balancing the demands of full-time employment or education combined with the demands of elite competition can be overwhelming. So it stands to reason that those who are able to effectively regulate emotions such as fear, mind chatter, excitement, lethargy and sluggishness, have an advantage over those that can’t.

Some of the advantages achieved through BrainAdvantage are:

  • Stronger attention and focus
  • Improved ability to block out distractions
  • Being able to “get into the zone”
  • A sharper mental edge
  • Improved mental timing and coordination
  • Improved mental recovery
  • Perform more relaxed with improved concentration
Peak Performance and Vision

Vision is the body’s navigational system and in general accounts for approximately 90% of the information we take in every day. Whether you’re keeping your eye on the ball in sports, judging distance while driving, or tracking a line of print while reading or computing, the ability of your eyes to aim, track, focus, and work together as a team, is the key to your success.

Just as you play with the best gear you can to improve your performance, strong vision is critical to determine how quickly, accurately and efficiently you perform. Whether you want to shave a few strokes off your golf game, boost your bowling average or play more consistent tennis, you will need to improve your eyes’ ability to aim, track, focus and team. Poor visual skills can lead to topping or slicing the golf ball, or consistently missing the tennis racquet’s “sweet spot”—even though you think you’re aim is spot-on target.

Refining these visual skills will directly improve your concentration, allowing you to easily eliminate external distractions and stay focused on the ball. You will react faster, more accurately and with better balance. Your eye-hand-body coordination will become more seamless, enhancing your timing and body control

Come in today and have your vision tested to see how your eyes are working together. Poor convergence and tracking could affect your sports performance!