Improve Your Corporate Performance

We believe knowledge by itself doesn’t make a person powerful, but knowing how to apply knowledge is the Key to unlimited success. Do you want to develop people in your company or organizations to achieve more of their real potential and accelerate the success of your business? We will help your people through organizational coaching, training and development. At BrainAdvantage, we work with executives, managers and teams to develop a philosophy where an improved bottom line, superior standards of excellence, and exceeding customer expectations prevail. Whether it’s pursuing new business, developing management skills, managing sales opportunities, or recognizing new revenue from key accounts, we help you develop specific actions required to move the opportunities forward.

Mission Statement BrainAdvantage will be the choice for long term development and growth programs for companies. We are working to become national with associates strategically placed around the US. We will accomplish this by a focus on the satisfaction of our clients and by placing an emphasis on planning and goals achievement. We are committed to personal success for each client to:

Our Vision
Helping People and Organizations Achieve Their Potential.

  • Expand your business
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Ensure reduced turnover
  • Maintain long-term relationships
  • Increase teamwork spirit
  • Create a sense of purpose in the workplace
  • Achieve company goals
  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain better communication with your staff and clients

Why do you need Peak Performance?

Today’s environment is starkly different from that of the past. Formerly, life was more stable, predictable, orderly and understandable. Change was slow and manageable and responses to challenges could be met with a limited, narrow set of coping skills and mental responses. The last two decades have brought an ultra-paced, ever-changing, confusing, complex, inter-related existence requiring rapid personal and organizational responses to the chaotic landscape.

This new, demanding, high-stress environment in which we live, calls for novel, creative ways of coping and for new levels of awareness. This new environment demands that we adapt, change and develop a new set of tools for dealing with its challenges. We must become more resilient and hardier to withstand the daily tests that come our way. Rather than admitting defeat or running from life’s stressors, the peak performer reorganizes in response to intense pressure and rapid change. In this way, humans operating at their peak plan better, have a vision of new behavioral alternatives and reframe stressful situations by turning them into opportunities for peak performance. Those working at their full potential become self-determining by expanding their stress management/peak performance tool kit, which involves increasing awareness abilities, taking responsibility for decisions, taking wise risks, changing maladaptive patterns of thought and behavior and dealing with life’s demands in a powerful, effective manner.

How can you become a Peak Performer?

Classic management practices and organizational systems have neglected the needs and skills of each person to ward off excess, unyielding stressors and have actually contributed to the increase of burnout in the workplace. A core value of the corporate performer is to be continually renewing, to be continually reinventing oneself and to learn how to self-manage and rise to consistent levels of peak performance in their work and in the rest of their lives. Just as traditional external management of resources and people is important in organizational life, the internal climate is vital in the creation and maintenance of the top corporate performer.

Corporations need training programs designed to allow individuals to respond creatively and with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to the pressures and demands of work and life. In this sense, such programs move beyond traditional stress management courses where stress is merely reduced, to a new paradigm whereby stress is embraced and utilized as an energizing force to catapult the peak performer to higher and higher levels of achievement. The result is the creation of a finely-honed top corporate performer.

The peak performer learns about and utilizes three critical areas of functioning in a high-stress environment. First, self-awareness is the foundation of all change. The peak performer examines current practices around stress control and begins to actively reflect on their efficacy. Next, self-renewal is the conscious, ongoing efforts to rejuvenate and regenerate ones self, a necessary factor in combating regular, potent stressors. Finally, the peak performer formulates strategies and tactics for dealing with the demands of work and life. This self-management is the key differentiator that makes peak performers stand out from individuals who give in to life’s challenges. The top corporate performer is in charge of his or her destiny.

The characteristics–we call them the five fundamental peak performance proficiencies–of peak performers, cut across all performance arenas. Whether it be attitude, motivation, preparation, concentration, the ability to enter the flow state, coachability, being a team player, leadership, or the ability to relax under pressure, the peak performer possesses common elements under any conditions, whether they be physical, creative, personal or organizational.

These fundamental proficiencies are: awareness of the self in all domains, behaviorally, affectively, somatically, inter-personally and cognitively, control of effort; where the performer learns to master energy and muscle tension levels, visualization; for mental practice and feedback purposes, cognitive skills; for strategic planning, motivation and attitude control, and self-programming; for preparation before any situation the peak performer encounters.

These five fundamental peak performance proficiencies are master skills all top achievers have in their performance toolkits. The individual performing at peak has learned and mastered them and knows how to apply them in particular situations and has developed an ability to creatively adapt them in new and unusual situations. These fundamental proficiencies are access skills to the internal climate necessary for peak performance. They allow the performer to consistently be engaged at peak.

What can BrainAdvantage do in the corporate setting?

We assess each employee for cognitive strengths and level of creativity and then institute a customized training program to help them fully reach their potential in the workplace!

BrainAdvantage goes beyond basic personality surveys that tell an employee what his or her “type” is or how they respond to stress. The BrainAdvantage program assesses the brain and delivers a training program to make the changes that both the employee and employer need. Our integrated neurotherapy interventions increase focus, reduce stress levels, and make for a more calm, productive, and creative work environment. After our program, the office environment will be at its best!

Studies have shown increased productivity and job satisfaction with a decrease in sick days as a direct result of BrainAdvantage training in the workplace.