Improve Your Academic Performance

Learning requires attention. Academic Performance and attention is mediated by specific parts of the brain. Yet, neural systems fatigue quickly, actually within minutes. With three to five minutes of sustained activity, neurons become “less responsive”; they need a rest (not unlike your muscles when you lift weights). They can recover within minutes too, but when they are stimulated in a sustained way, they just are not as efficient. Think about the piano and the organ; if you put your finger on the organ key and hold it down it will keep making noise, but the piano key makes one short note, and keeping your finger there produces no more sound. Neurons are like pianos, not organs. They respond to patterned and repetitive, rather than to sustained, continuous stimulation.

With the brain working unable to calm itself, how can we expect our students to learn when they are unable to concentrate and focus enough to even interpret the information? BrainAdvantage gives students the tools they need to have better control over their brain so they are able to focus and concentrate when they need to.

BrainAdvantage Academic Program

Educating children can be really tough these days. At BrainAdvantage, we are former educators who know that great lesson plans won’t help if the kid’s brains just can’t take in the information. We also know that other issues may also be causing learning problems — and you may not know they exist! That’s why our assessments examine many conditions that can appear to be brain issues. For example, 40% of our clients previously diagnosed as ADD/ADHD actually had eye convergence issues. (Eye convergence means not how well you see, but how well your eyes work together.) Others might be over-sensitive to light and sound making it impossible to ignore things in their environment. We are much more than just computer software or EEG neurofeedback. BrainAdvantage has a host of integrated tools to help your child increase attention, focus and concentration– while reducing anxiety and even helping self-esteem. BrainAdvantage is unique in its approach. It helps the brain absorb the information coming through the senses without drugs or harmful side effects!

The Brain

Our executive functions reside in the frontal lobes of the brain. Executive functions include organization, strategy and planning, and paying attention to and remembering details. The limbic system is the emotional part of the brain. That’s where the fight or flight response is controlled and where long-term memory is stored. It’s where brain chemicals called “neurotransmitters” are sent out in response to stimuli. These are two of the primary areas of the brain that the BrainAdvantage tools affect.

 Twice-Exceptional Children

Bright students with other issues such as ADHD or auditory processing issues, even visual issues are identified as twice-exceptional. They are at-risk because their educational and social/emotional needs often go undetected. The resulting inconsistent academic performance can lead parents and educators to believe twice-exceptional students are not putting forth an adequate effort. The frustrations related to unidentified strengths and issues can result in behavioral and social/emotional problems and a low self-esteem. For some twice-exceptional students, behavior plans or IEPs become the focus of their interventions. The behaviors are managed, but the underlying problems are never addressed. School can become a very frustrating experience for struggling twice-exceptional students, their teachers, and their parents.