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BrainAdvantage is a fee-for-service practice, and payment is expected before assessments or training sessions begin unless other arrangements have been made with our office prior to your appointment. However we do offer savings by way of family and pre-payment discounts. We also take all major credit cards.


If you have a pre-tax medical reimbursement account (or Flex account) all our fees qualify for reimbursement.


If you have health insurance, you may be eligible for reimbursement for all or part of our fees. Ask your insurance company if biofeedback or neurotherapy is covered in your policy. Some insurance companies require a diagnosis code that adhers to their guideline. Ask at what rate they cover:


96116 Neurobehavioral status exam


96125 Neuropsychiatric evaluation (cognitive performance)


92060 Sensorimotor examination with multiple measurements of ocular deviation with interpretation and report


97532 Development of cognitive skills, 15 minute unit


97110 Therapeutic exercise to develop strength and endurance.


97532 or 97533 Techniques to enhance sensory processing


90901 Bofeedback/Neurofeedback


92065 Vision training


You will be responsible for filling out your own insurance forms and submitting them to your insurance company.



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A Medical Reimbursement Account allows you to set aside part of your salary each pay period on a pre-tax basis to pay for the out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision care expenses not covered by your health benefits plan. If you have a medical benefits account, all our charges will qualify.



IRS Code section 213 deems diagnostic procedures such as testing, evaluation and prescribed treatments for learning disabilities as being tax deductible medical expenses. A neuropsychologist, physician or other qualified professional must diagnose the learning disability condition and recommend appropriate treatments in order to qualify for said deduction. For more information please check with your attorney or tax planner.

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