Our Guiding Principals
We know that every person is unique and perfect, and on their own road to discovering their dreams. We believe we are here to help one another towards achieving a more balanced life.
We understand that every person has their own learning style. None are wrong, only different.
We can help each individual discover their own perfection in their own way.

We offer drug-free, safe, solutions that will eliminate limitations and help sustain these generations and the next.

Who We Are

The BrainAdvantage team is diverse, expert and complementary. The BrainAdvantage staff brings substantial medical, neurotherapeutic, educational, technical, and subject matter expertise.
  • Stephanie Reese, Ph.D.

    Dr. Reese has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science focusing in Neurobiology and Neurophysiology as well as degrees in Curriculum Development and Radiology. She is a former educator and author and along with 20 years experience in radiology and nuclear medicine, she has been working in the neurotherapy field for more than a decade. She is certified and highly qualified in all therapies used in the BrainAdvantage programs.

  • Andrew Reese

    Andrew Reese serves as General Manager. Mr. Reese has a BS in Economics and a JD from Harvard Law. He is also a former educator with experience in law and technology management. He has extensive experience in software development, interface design, technical and marketing communications as well as business operations.

  • Medical Professionals

    We work with several medical professionals including naturopaths, homeopathic as well as traditional physicans who we refer our clients to who need medical evaluation and supervision. For more information regarding the physicians we work with, give us a call at 714-269-7990.

Our Founders

Donald Barrett serves as Chairman and Managing Member. Mr. Barrett has a BS in Computer Science and an MBA. He is a former CEO of computer and telecommunication system integration companies.

Andrew Reese serves as General Manager. Mr. Reese has a BS in Economics, and a JD from Harvard Law. He is experienced in law, technology management, has extensive experience in software development, interface design, technical and marketing communications, and business operations.

Stephanie Reese serves as Chief Science Officer. She has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science.

Our Board Advisors
Randall B. Evans, M.D., SCCP, Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, Sleep Disorders Medicine.

J. Walter Warneck, Jr., D.Min. Private Clinical and Consulting Practices, Hilton Head Island, SC.

Richard R. Rodgers, Managing Director, The Resource Network, former administrative director, National Governors Association, charter member, Technology Secretary of the American Society of Association Executives.

Barb Nejman Barbara Nejman is an Olympic Diver and coach. A 26-time finalist in national diving championships, Was a member of United States� 1976 Women�s Olympic Diving Team, finishing eight in Montreal in the three-meter springboard. Gold medalist in 1973 Pan-African Games and was named the Outstanding Women Diver in the 1969 U.S. National Championships while still a senior at Berea High School. Later competed for Indiana University and Clarion State College..

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