Our Services – We Offer Programs for:

The services of BrainAdvantage include.

  • Children and Teens
  • Adults
  • Age-Related Cognitive Decline
  • Medically-Related Brain Issues
  • Peak Performance
  • The Well Brain to Enhance Cognitive Reserve
  • Maintenance Programs

We also offer comprehensive assessments as well as medical and neuropsychological evaluations in our comfortable, private San Clemente office.

We are one of the few Neurotherapy clinics with a fully certified staff offering a full and integrated range of services. All sessions are over-seen by our certified neurotherapist or medical doctor.

Neurotherapy sessions are relaxing and non-invasive, using a variety of technologies to help train the brain to perform at its best. Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. Our goal is to provide you with maximum results at a reasonable price. To help keep our services affordable, we offer special packages and two payment options. We accept all major credit cards. Please see our Schedule of Fees, Health Insurance Info, and Getting Started pages for more details.


BrainAdvantage neurotherapies has unique tools to promote self mastery skills. The goal of training is to teach the patient how to train the brain to improve attention, memory, cognition and the ability to focus for prolonged periods of time. This helps the patient gain a sense of self control over the body and mind. BrainAdvantage includes an assessment that looks at the “whole body” allowing plans that offer a total system solution for the individual.

  • HEG Neurofeedback-Hemoencephalography,
  • Sensory Processing Management
  • Auditory and Visual Processing Management
  • Eye Skills Training
  • Cognitive and Memory Training
  • Audio/Visual Entrainment
  • Auditory Retraining
  • Neuromotor Skills Training

Nutritional and Allergy Assessment and Management
We refer our clients for Nutritional and Allergy assessment when necessary.

    • Group Presentations
      We facilitate periodic group presentations on alternative to medication for ADHD, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Nutrition and Environmental Allergies that affect brain function. Assessment, Evaluations and Testing
    • Neuro Function Assessment
      These assessments provide a map of function across the brain. This map allows us to see where function is deficient giving us information about where to train to ameliorate the issue.
    • Attention Deficit Assessment
      These standardized assessments measure attention, focus and impulsivity and give an accurate picture to tell us if you or your child are really in the ADHD range.
    • Mild Cognitive Impairment Testing
      These assessments measure memory, fluency and executive function of the brain. Mild cognitive impairment is that area between regular age-related memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Visual Convergence Assessment
      We test for visual convergence, which is not how well you see, but how well your eyes work together.These issues can be mistaken for ADHD symptoms as well as learning and behavior difficulties.
    • Sensory Integration Assessment
      These assessments measure the sensory integration processes including auditory and visual processing that underlie learning and behavior.
    • Neuromotor Skills Assessment
      These assessments measure coordination, balance, organizational skills and auditory and visual processing that affects emotional response.
    • Cognitive Abilities Assessment
      We provide standard valid and reliable Testing and Supplemental Reports for all areas of testing.
    • Neuromotor Skills Assessment
      These assessments measure coordination, balance, organizational skills and auditory and visual processing that affects emotional response.
      At BrainAdvantage we have our own reseach-based therapies that work to improve function.
      Additional Services