Client Testimonials – What Our Clients Say…

“Our daughter was failing in school and she was angry all the time. After BrainAdvantage she is doing great! She is able to focus and concentrate. She even comes home and does her homework without being told! Her behavior issues are gone. She is happy and is like a whole new girl!”

Mother of K.B.-age 12.

“My son was born severly autistic. We went through 2 years of EEG-based neurotherapy with no result. At 13 he had just started to speak, however he spoke in Thomas-the Tank-Engine speak and Thomas was on constantly. His sensory issues were severe. I couldn’t take him anywhere without him lying on the floor and crying. After BrainAdvantage he no longer speaks in Thomas-speak. He told me he loved me for the first time ever! He is able to go and enjoy himself. He has even started volunteering at the local zoo feeding animals with a group of teens. Although his autism isn’t cured, his quality of life is so much better than before the program. My family can’t believe how much he’s changed.”

Mother of William. diagnosed with autism- age 13

“I didn’t think I had made THAT big of a change during the program. Then I went back and read my journal. I couldn’t believe how down I was. I can’t believe I survived that. Now I am trying to get all my friends to come to BrainAdvantage and change their life for the better.”

S.W.- age 58

“I am angry! After years of going to neuropsychologists and doctors who told me my brain was like an Alzheimer’s patient, no one ever told me there was actually something I could do about my memory loss. Thank you so much”

M.T.-age 47

“I had been diagnosed with “the worst case of neural atrophy of anyone my age.” When I came to you I thought I’d just be looking for a rest home. Now I not only have my brain function back, I bought a new condo and have a boyfriend! My life isn’t ending, it’s just starting. Thank you.”

K.S.-age 58

“I spent 30 years in psychologists offices. I was on every anxiety medication there is and still I was anxious and depressed all the time. I also had no memory before age 12. After only 20 sessions of BrainAdvantage I discovered the source of my anxiety and have eliminated all symptoms. I am happy for the first time in years. You saved my life!”

C.C.-age 48

“Wow! My granddaughter had delayed speech. At 3 years old she would hardly speak. After 20 sessions from BrainAdvantage we can’t get her to shut up!.”

Grandmother of P.G.-age 3

“I can’t believe how much better I’m doing. I can now ignore sounds around me when I’m trying to concentrate. I can also hear words spoken in high voices much better than I used to.”

N.U.-age 65

“I haven’t had a panic attack since I started the program! I was having so many attacks before and spending so much time in the hospital. I am feeling better every day! Thank you so much.”

G.C.-age 49

“We took our son to a relative’s wedding and I was so scared he would be out of control. But he stood like a little soldier during the whole thing and was a perfect angel. Thank you BrainAdvantage.”

Mother of M.G.-age 6

“My wife has been through many other therapies including stem cell therapy and nothing has helped as much as BrainAdvantage. Last night my wife sat down and wrote letters to family members. That’s the first time she’s been able to do that in years. I sat down and cried.”

husband of P.B. diagnosed with Alzheimer’s- age 68

“Thanks so much. The Brain sessions helped me to get over my depression and I’m happy to say I’ve been reading for pleasure again. Something I haven’t been able to do in a while.”

C.S.-age 54

“I was worried I might be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s. I couldn’t make decisions, I was always forgetting things. But after going through your program I’m doing much better. I’m off all medications and sleeping at night again. I’m remembering things and thinking much more clearly.”

M.I.-age 40